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Here are a handful of reviews that we've had from over the years. We're very proud of these comments -  it is our pleasure to continue to serve the Apple community with the utmost integrity and respect. Come on by our shop whenever you're in the neighborhood. We can't wait to get to know you!

Nury R.

Whittier, CA


Illume was recommended by both Apple and a friend. I am so glad we brought our computer here.

My good ol' Mac desktop (circa 2007) needed a new hard drive since the one that was in there was on its way out. Everything was backed up, but they were able to recover that as well, so there was nothing to really worry about there (and no extra work on my end). We dropped off the computer on Tuesday and picked it up on Thursday. Software was updated, data was recovered and available, and newly happy Mac was sitting back at home with its happy owner in no time. What's not to love?

Prices are fair, especially for the quality of service. From what I was told, if you have them replace your hard drive, they include data recovery, whereas some other places/stores don't. Will happily return!

Bobby B.

Whittier, CA


I have taken my MacBook Pro to Illume solutions a few times over the past 4(?) years.  Along with his geeky persona, John is amazingly helpful.  He has replaced my keys for less than what Apple charged, but sadly I don't remember how much, fixed my startup volume after I made just a few simple mistakes (I was an Apple noob).

They just did a free diagnostic on my logic board WHICH IS NOW DEAD SO THAT MEANS I NEED TO BUY A NEW MACBOOK BECAUSE IT COSTS A TON OF MONEY TO REPLACE, but it's ok I guess...  He even recommended where and how I could find the best deals on MacBook Pros, which was very helpful.

Anyways... If you need a good deal on quality, FAST repairs, Illume Solutions is the place to go!

FYI, they are licensed by Apple.

J. Nathaniel B.

San Marino, CA


Best deal in town.

Imran H.

Ontario, CA


Came into Illume because of a reference from a Genius from the Apple store. Great call! Apparently I needed to have my motherboard exchanged for a new one and Apple had told me I was looking at around $850- great! Well there was no way I was going to pay that, specially since I do own an older macbook. Before resorting to buying a  new one I thought I would give Illume Solutions a try.

I was tended to by a man name John. He was extremely helpful. He basically didn't want to promise anything, but said he will inspect it before he gives me a price. It was a few days before I received a call saying " Yup its a go"! The price for having it fixed came out to around $360 and was well worth it! Service here was great and I would heavily recommend this business to any Mac users in need of troubleshooting or repair.

Thomas N.

La Habra, CA


Last April, in the midst of one of the most important jobs of my career, the hard drive in my beloved iMac went bad, gone ZILCH!

With the need to be up and running within hours, I went to Illume Solutions who not only had a new Hard Drive installed; diagnosed the entire computer and had me out the door in record time!  I had my computer back in 2-1/2 hours; software completely reloaded, etc. !

While I did pay extra to have it completed that fast GLADLY PAID EXTRA, (Because he stayed past closing hours to get it done) when I got back and found out that he installed a bigger hard drive then I asked for, he said he would pick up the cost. I told him NO! You deserve it! I'll pay for the cost of the bigger HD!  After haggling back and forth we both laughingly agreed to split the cost, and I can tell you in no uncertain terms he has won me over for life!

I cannot recommend the professionalism of this place enough, let alone the fact that its three minutes from the door of my house!

Thanks once again!

Jackie B.

Whittier, CA


Apparently ex-Geniuses (from the Apple Store; they may still be geniuses in their own right) parted ways from the Big Apple and started their own store.

I needed to fix the keyboard on my MacBook because I'm sure something had either been spilled or dripped on my space bar. Excuse me, that I had either spilled or dripped something on my space bar. And my lovely kitty used my keyboard as a scratch pad and dislodged some of the keys. One of which was the "J," an important key on my board. He (sorry, can't remember his name) was very polite and attempted to fix the keys. The "J" was saved! The other two were more difficult, but they work the way they are.

Since I was afraid some liquid had destroyed my beautiful laptop, he ran a diagnostic for me. It took about three hours, so I left and came back. I was about to leave without a receipt (dear me), but the nice man called me back and we did things professionally, filling out forms and all that.

My computer turned out to be fiiine despite possible spillage. And there was no charge, because diagnostics are free! Also there was no charge for the fixed "J."

I was very glad to have my computer back; it was like I was unbalanced for those few hours I knew it was away from home. I recommend Illume Solutions for all your Mac troubles! I wouldn't trust my baby with just anyone (really, I wouldn't... even though I did. But he did turn out to be trustworthy...).

Alex Y.

Hacienda Heights, CA


I have upgraded my Mac system here 2 times now and can't complain. it has been a great experience. My systems are used for work and John was able to expedite the updates so I could have it working on the same day.

Chris G.

Denver, CO


Illume Solutions was fantastic.  They repaired the cracked screen on my G4 and upgraded my memory.   Their fees were cheaper than anyone else I talked to.

The process was very easy, and once they got it, I had it back in about 2 days..   And the shipping was free!    
I would highly recommend Illume Solutions if you need a Mac repair or upgrade.

Stuart C.

San Juan Capistrano, CA


Illume provided excellent service, very good pricing, and a positive mental attitude, in a good, decorative office.

Five thumbs up.

Soo K.

Torrance, CA


AWESOME!  Dropped off my black Macbook to have the LCD replaced (the laptop had been stepped on by a lanky 3 yr old) on a Friday at 5:30pm.  As promised, I received the laptop with the LCD replaced on Tuesday by FedEx ground in a padded box even though I dropped it off without one.  I was charged half of what TechRoom in Costa Mesa wanted and that included the quick service and shipping.  The screen resolution is beautiful and they have a warranty on it.  I am glad I went with Illume!

Jim G.

Costa Mesa, CA


I have had the worst luck with my computer lately. On one occasion, my laptop fell of my desk and cracked the monitor. Soon after that, my hard drive began to fail. Finally, I dropped my laptop again and damaged my monitor. Illume solutions has fixed my computer each of these times and has done an incredible, incredible job. John is both a master technician and man of considerable integrity. I heard about Illume solutions from someone at the genius bar at the Mac Store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. I looked them up online and drove out to La Habra where the store is located. John provided excellent service. The turnaround time was very quick, and I was charged a reasonable price for services rendered. Because of my clumsiness, I've had to pay a few dollars over the last several months to keep my computer running. Though a little surprised to see me back so soon, John didn't make me feel like a moron and took excellent care of my computer.

On the most recent occasion, a friend recommended I take my computer to another Mac Store in Santa Monica. That was a HUGE mistake. I did so for convenience, but the technician soon called me up and said the repair would cost $1400 and require that my laptop ship to Apple up in Cupertino. I took my computer back (after paying a $90 diagnosis fee) and decided to take it back to John to see what - if anything - could be done. John fixed the entire problem for me for about $200. Knowing how busy I was and how much I needed my computer (I'm a teacher who has been helping students with college admissions essays), he turned my computer around on the same day - the day before Thanksgiving.

Tom D.

La Habra, CA


These guys are great!!! I was given their card by the Apple Store in South Coast Plaza because my screen was cracked. I took it to them and they had it ready for me the same day! and they were $700 less than what the Apple Store quoted me!!! Great job guys!

      L. C. R.

Los Angeles, CA


I became a member of Yelp in order to post a review of my recent experience of having my Macbook repaired at Illume Solutions.  I discovered that when one chooses a 5 star rating for a review, you get a little message saying, "Woohoo! As good as it gets!".  Perfect, because that totally sums up the service i received in getting my Mac repaired at Illume Solutions in La Habra!

I live in the San Fernando Valley, which is about an hours driving time to La Habra in off-peak hours.  So why did I make the drive to Illume to get the cracked LCD screen on my Macbook repaired instead of getting it done more conveniently nearby?  Simple answer---As my 5 star rating states, I was "wowed" by the customer service that I received from Frank Martinez ( I think he may be an owner) and the repair staff at Illume.  

I initially called a couple of local Mac repair places for quotes and answers to my questions about screen repairs---getting answers was akin to calling the Pentagon and asking for access to secret documents.  When I spoke with spoke with Frank, I knew my repair search was over.  I easily got my questions answered.  His quote was specific to my situation and didn't leave me with concerns about "but then, again...." issues.  He explain the repair process if I elected to have the repair done via free round-trip shipping, then offered to do the screen replacement while I waited if I wanted to make the drive to La Habra.  While I waited!  Astonishing! :-)  For reasons that I won't go into, I mentioned that I was interested in erasing and resetting my Mac to factory settings---no problem, he could easily do it for me at the same time.  Oh, and let me not forget to mention the great price---$249 for my Macbook because they happened to be having an advertised special on LCD screen repairs.

I set up a date and time that was convenient for me to make the roundtrip drive.  When I arrived, I was impressed again:  Very professional storefront,  comfortable seating, and great selection of various Mac magazines for customers to browse through.  Frank completed the paperwork for the repair and said that I was welcome to relax and wait, but that he could also call me when the repair was complete if I wanted to do some shopping or have a cup of coffee nearby.  I decided to take care of a shopping errand nearby and, an hour and a half later--as promised-- received my call that my Macbook was ready and waiting for me.  I returned to pick it up and Frank volunteered that I was welcome to give him a call if I had any questions or needed any phone assistance reloading my software.  Let me tell you, I drove home knowing that I had found my Mac "go to" place from now on.  

If YOU have Mac issues, do yourself a favor and contact Illume Solutions.  They're truly fabulous!

K M.

San Clemente, CA


I give this business, Illume Solutions (La Habra, CA),  a 10/10!!!

They repaired my MacBookPro laptop within that very same day and I was amazed.
Prices very reasonable. Staff very nice and professional.  They specialize in Mac computers.

I will take my computer to no other place!

Kenneth M.

Yorba Linda, CA


Excellent service.  Illume Solutions tested and evaluated my Mac the day I took it to them after an appointment  mix up at the Apple sore.  Friendly, informed service at a great price. Thanks guys.  

Elizabeth M.

Norwalk, CA


We had a great experience with this company! We dropped off our laptop which was 4 years old, it was ready 2 days later. All of our pictures, and everything else was saved.The price was so reasonable I recommend Illume Solutions if you have a Mac!!

Brandon W.

Chicago, IL


Fantastic all around!

R V.

Whittier, CA


Peace of mind is priceless, and that's what I got from Illume Solutions.

I recently bought a used Powerbook from a posting on craigslist and wanted to know if I got a good deal. I googled local mac repair shops and decided to visit Illume due to the reviews it received from other Yelpers.

I walked in about 20 minutes before closing time and John, the specialist working that day, took his time to figure out exactly what I needed.  I just wanted to know the condition of the computer and what repairs or upgrades it might need.  I asked for a quote and he told me diagnostics were free!

What I really liked is that he took a sort of profile of me, the mac user.  He asked what kinds of activities I would be using the computer for and if I was interested in the cosmetics of the computer.

I'm a student and I need a computer for homework and web browsing, and random creative projects I might want to make for family events, birthdays and such.  I don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a machine that will help me do basic things.

John called me back the next day and said that after running some tests, my powerbook got a clean bill of health.  Whew!  Even he told me that I got a good deal.

The only thing he recommended was that I get a new battery, which he could have ordered, that would come from Apple.  This one only holds about 30 minutes of juice without having to be plugged in.

He could have tried to sell me more RAM or a larger HD, but didn't even mention it because I don't need it.  Even after I asked about a possible screen replacement because this one has very slight burnout along the edges, he said it isn't necessary since it's only along the edges and it doesn't interfere with viewing anything (which it doesn't).

I walked out with my Powerbook, without paying a cent, but gaining confidence in my investment as well as the services offered by Illume and its employees.

I'm rating this business with four stars only because I didn't get any repairs, so I don't know the pricing or quality of new parts and labor, but I won't hesitate to visit Illume when that time comes.

Katie H.

La Habra, CA


Illume Solutions is the go-to place for Mac Repairs in this area. I spilled nail polish remover (yes, acetone) on my MacBook and did all I could to mitigate the damage but the keyboard would no longer work.  I read other reviews here and on the web of this place and since I'm in Whittier, thought I give them a try.  I got excellent service- first in the prompt followup phone call after they ran a diagnostic on it (within a day) and they gave me a very reasonable estimate to fix it. I said OK & It was ready the next day.  I was very lucky that the damage wasn't worse and that I found a local repair facility that does good work & didn't charge a kings ransom to fix my mistake.  

I would highly recommend Illume Solutions for any Mac repair.  Very professional.

Brandon W.

Chicago, IL


Fantastic all around!

Susan W.

Fullerton, CA


llume Solutions is THE BEST!!!  We took my MacBook Pro to them after the guys at the Apple Store recommended them for a crashed hard drive.  I was literally in tears at the thought of losing all of my pics and videos.  John had the hard drive replaced and ALL of my data successfully transferred in less than 48 hours and at a very reasonable price.  There's definitely a reason that the Apple Store would recommend Illume Solutions for issues outside their scope.  I HIGHLY recommend them if you have an Apple product that needs attention.  THANK YOU, ILLUME!

Craig B.

Morro Bay, CA


I was having problems with freezing and a whole host of problems on my Mac Pro I thought the problem might be a bad video card but what do I know. So I took my Mac Pro to another Mac repair/retail shop in the City of Anaheim, after looking at it for 3 days the tech told me it was a software problem charged me 80 dollars and gave me some ideas on how I might fix the problems myself after formatting dives and reinstalling software the problems continued.

My frustration grew as the problems became more frequent. I saw that lllume Solutions was near my home and decided to give them a try. The problem was quickly solved as a bad video card and replaced. The price was right and the service was great.

I have never taken the time to write a review before but in this case i'm so happy to have my sweet machine up and running like a champ again.

These guys are good and honest.

Deb B.

Whittier, CA


I got the crazy DNSChanger virus on my 2006 iMac.  Verizon was NO HELP, so I was glad to find an Apple-authorized store to look at it.  Their location was nearby and easy to find.  John unloaded the computer from my car and called me the next day with an update.  He had checked all the hardware and it was okay, so he just charged me the labor to strip the virus off.  It was ready the afternoon after that.  He loaded the computer back into my car for me.  I've got it back up and running, and it seems to be 100% again!  I would recommend this place to any Mac owner.

Penny N.

Brea, CA


I needed my computer to get out some promotional information for my business.  Illume Solutions was recommended, received great service, a below what I expected price, and the service was quick, ahead of the time schedule they quoted me,  I was back in business  in no time. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone.

Mary P.

Fullerton, CA


Having computer problems is stressful!  That is why I appreciate having a place like Illume Solutions.  Professional and friendly is a great combination.  My MacBook is still doing its job and my files protected.  It is so nice to have the personal attention instead of being just a number!  Fiver Stars is not an exaggeration!

Alex M.

Fullerton, CA


John at Illume Solutions saved my school work, travel plans, and my sanity last week.

I was dancing around my Macbook Pro one day when I excitedly knocked my glass of water all over my open laptop. I froze with fear and then immediately shut it off and thought it best to take it to the Apple Store at Brea Mall. I told them it was an emergency and I didn't know what to do. I was frantic and begging for somebody to help me. An associate told me to try turning it on, which I later learned was a horrible mistake. It wouldn't turn on, so I started sobbing.

By the way, this computer was a gift for school by my grandfather and there is NO way I could afford it otherwise.

They took it in the back and a few days later told me that it would be a flat fee of $750 to fix it. I despaired and begged them to give me another option. There was "extensive damage" inside and there was nothing they could do. They said maybe I could call John at Illume Solutions but don't get my hopes up.

So I brought it in to John and he got back to me the next business day with those beautiful, magic words: "I can fix it for $229."

He gave it a thorough cleaning and replaced the track pad and saved me over $500, even when he knew how much Apple wanted to charge me. The whole thing was very quick and professional, and the office is very clean and comfortable. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you, John, you turned my huge ordeal into a learning experience.

Center M.

Yorba Linda, CA


Thanks John for a job always well done!

Adam M.

Poway, CA


I visited the Apple Store in the Brea Mall with plans of figuring out my options, and upgrading my RAM in my Mac Pro. They told me that they couldn't work on my late 2008 computer because it was too old, but suggested I visit an authorized Apple Service Provider. I took the short drive to Illume Solutions where I was kindly greeted, and discussed the possible options for the upgrade I was looking to do. Later on that same evening, I received a call with the possible price options and went through with an upgrade and picked up my computer the next day, all safe and sound. The service was great, John turned my computer around in an incredibly fast manner, and the price was wonderful. I will most definitely be back in the future for other upgrades and I have already been spreading the word to my fellow Apple friends.

Christian D.

Fullerton, CA


Took care of my computer, and fixed my wife's hard drive. Super helpful over the phone, fast and courteous.

Lyn D.

La Habra, CA


I've used Illume Solutions twice now over the past 3 years.  Both times he repaired my Macbook.  The first time it needed a hard drive replacement, and this time I just needed it to work more quickly.  He diagnosed the problem and it seems to be working much better.  I was also told that if it slows down again within the next few weeks, we could be dealing with a larger problem and that the money I paid toward this smaller repair would be applied to any further repairs.  

I feel that Illume Solutions is very honest and reasonably priced.  Much easier and cheaper than dealing with the Apple Store at the mall.

Brad H.

Whittier, CA


FAST. PROFESSIONAL. ACCURATE. PERSONAL SERVICE. John diagnosed my laptop issues and fixed a hardware problem and was more than helpful even offering to loan me a part if I needed it.

My macs run my business, without them,  I am finished... If I ever have to get anything repaired, John has earned my business.

Five stars!